The team here at Verhulp Business Solutions has been a life saver! They work hard at keeping my unpaid claims to around 30 days and has such a quick response to me and my teams needs. I truly enjoyed having them apart of our team!!!
Katrina Landry
Therapist at Renewed Hope Counseling Center, PLLC
Christine and VBSVirtual have handled a multitude of personal and business tasks. Her strengths are her great attitude, follow up, professionalism, commitment, organization, and communication skills. She’s a darn quick learner, too. I threw a lot of different tasks her way and she was always up for learning something new. You can’t go wrong with Christine!
Tricia Akins
Owner, Walker-Stanley Communications
Absolutely fantastic!! Christine is amazing and has been so helpful in my transition to full time private practice. She is so patient and kind and is willing to answer any questions you have. She has taken the stress of figuring out credentialing and billing and made the transition so easy. I can ever say thank you enough! I highly recommend Christine and her team!
Alyse Walker
Owner, Heart For Change
Christine is amazing to work with! I have had many virtual admins through the years and she is at the highest level. It will be one of your best business decisions!
Haydn Shaw
Owner, People Driven Results
Courtney is AMAZING!!! She seriously makes all of the things so much easier! She has great attention to detail, is super responsive, and is able to do all of the things I’ve asked her to do! One thing that is really great about her is that she asks great questions and always attempts to do things on her own by taking great initiative. I have not had to train her or oversee much of what she has been helping with, she just does it on her own!
Mel Fisher
Founder & Executive Director, Discover Hope Behavioral Solutions, Inc.
Before finding Christine and the VBS Virtual team, I had tried numerous virtual assistants with little success. Since connecting with VBS, I have been consistently blown away by the knowledge, creativity, hard work and impeccable follow-through. I told some friends the other day that I see Christine and her team true game-changers for me. I am so excited about my future with her as part of my operation. I will highly recommend her to anyone needing a VA.
VBSVirtual has been working with us for a year and we cannot emphasize how important they are to our team. Christine is very kind and knowledgeable and Brittany is always so happy and eager to help and seek answers to our business questions. I would highly recommend Verhulp Business Solutions for anyone who needs help with their business!
Cara Lacey-Morey
Owner, Anywhere Speech and language
Christine and her team (especially Rachelle!!) are amazing billing specialists who work tirelessly to ensure smooth operations for mental health practitioners. I highly recommend their services and appreciate the knowledgeable guidance, support, and efficiency they have provided to my practice over the years.
Lisa Zucker
I highly recommend Verhulp Business Solutions. I had been unable to keep up with the financial aspects of private practice and I found Christine to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have also begun withing with my virtual biller, Grace, who has been absolutely amazing! She is well organized, professional, and very pleasant to work with. Grace has helped with all financial aspects of private practice, including billing on a timely basis, contacting insurance companies for benefit information, keeping track of expenses, and really any area I need help with. I highly recommend VBS.
Lynne Einhorn
I can't put to words how helpful working with Christine and her crew has been to running my group private therapy practice. They are efficient, competent, personable,and communicative. I can now focus more on growing my business knowing someone is in the background keeping claims running smoothly, calling new clients back quickly, and keeping me apprised of everything going on daily. I've been recommending them to anyone I know!
Dee Nice
I am so grateful for Christine Verhulp and her team. She helped with implementing a new billing system, moving to a paperless system and helping with telemedicine. She is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her and her team!!
Keelee Bright
Rachelle has been working with me as a VA for several months now. She has been wonderful! She has gone up and beyond any expectations I had for a virtual biller! With all of her help, it has really enabled me to focus more on growing my business.
Kari Goines
I hope this review reflects the level of respect, gratitude, and appreciation that I have for Christine and Jenelle at VBS Virtual. When I made the decision to open a private practice, I quickly realized that I was in over my head. I’m sure every therapist who accepts insurance can relate to the overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming process of credentialing and billing. Christine and the VBS team provided support from the very beginning; within 24-hours of my initial inquiry, I not only had a reply, but a meeting scheduled for the following day. Christine and Jenelle are kind, cognizant, competent, patient, and persistent. Information is always precise, with timely, clear, and detailed responses, giving me the opportunity to make informed decisions quickly, minimizing the end-to-end time to process and complete complex tasks. When it comes to insurance credentialing, Christine was on top of everything. It was like she was everywhere, following up with credentialing or addressing issues before I even realized there was something that needed to be addressed. To say she went above and beyond is an understatement. Christine and Jenelle at VBS Virtual represent the highest level of service. They go the extra mile at every stage, and it’s clear they have my best interest at heart. I would recommend them universally. -Jessica Matala
Jessica Matala

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